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[October 8, 1998] -- The Landmark Society of Western New York wants to preserve more than just Rochester's bricks and mortar.

Yesterday, the society released a compact disc featuring a collection of songs by jazz musicians with ties to Rochester.

And Mayor William A. Johnson Jr., a fan of jazz, declared the eight musicians Rochester landmarks during a short ceremony at City Hall.

The 65-minute disc features songs by Chuck Mangione, Gap Mangione, Cab Calloway, Jeff Tyzik, Cabo Frio, Gerry Niewood, Steve Gadd and Esther Satterfield.

"Not all landmarks are made of bricks, board, steel and glass," said Paul Nunes, a member of the Landmark Society board. "The music of Rochester's great jazz musicians certainly soars higher than the tallest steeple of our city."

Among the disc's 11 songs is Calloway's signature song, Minnie the Moocher. In the late 1920s, the Rochester native's Cotton Club Orchestra was the toast of Harlem. Chuck Mangione's Grammy winner, Bellavia, also is included. Chuck teamed with his brother Gap in the 1960s to form the Jazz Brothers. Both are Rochester music scene legends.

"This music is as much a part of Rochester's history as anything else, from the buildings to the corporate entities," Gap Mangione said. "I'm just astounded that someone would undertake this project."

The Landmark Society will use the jazz collection as a fund-raiser. The compact disc, which costs $15.98, is available at most area music stores.