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Gap Mangione

Dusty Groove

Gap Mangione -- Diana In The Autumn Wind . . . CD
Josh Music, 1968
A totally great little album from Gap Mangione — the lesser-known brother of Chuck! The difference between Gap and Chuck was that Gap was always hipper, cooler, and a bit funkier — as you'll hear in this excellent debut LP from 1968! Gap's working here in some amazing territory — taking styles of jazz from 60s soundtracks, and working them into a slightly electrified context that makes for some really cool grooves. Tracks are short, but complicated — with rhythms by a young Tony Levin on bass and Steve Gadd on drums — and lots of piano, organ, and electric piano from Gap! There's a few moments on here that you'll recognize from famous hip hop samples — but even more than those, the album's wonderfully solid overall — a unique jazz vision from the late 60s, and the kind of set that should have had Gap beating out his flugelhorn-playing brother! Titles include "The XI Commandment", "Dream On Little Dreamer", "Long Hair Soulful", "Diana In The Autumn Wind", "Boys With Toys", "Pond With Swans", and "Graduate Medley".

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