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Gap Mangione -- Family Holidays. . . CD
Josh Music, 1968
This CD offers holiday tunes in a very hip big-band setting, with some real veterans of the Jazz scene joining in. Headed by Gap on keyboards, the players include Steve Gadd, drums; Grant Geissman, guitar and synth; Gerry Niewood and Pat Labarbera, saxes/flute; and Dennis Tribuzzi, trumpet, along with about a dozen other cats.

Tunes include "O Christmas Tree," "Santa Clause Is Coming to Town," "Joy to the World," and a couple of numbers about New Year's Eve. But Gap has also slipped in some originals from his extensive book-non-holiday tunes like "Cinco de Mayo" and "Sweet Cheryl Lynn" by his brother Chuck.

The CD is laid out like a family photo album like you'd find on someone's mantel. Pictures of family gatherings, weddings, and dinners from the fifties give this date a very personal feel. And with this cast of characters, the playing is first rate.

By Michael Handler

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